Betting on horse races has been the only way of legal gambling for residents of 37 states in United States. When legislatures tried to put a stop to gambling by closing down online poker in 2011 and also closing a few popular poker sites, they did not succeed in removing the scourge of gambling from the minds of people. Most regular players went back to play at live casinos in states where it is legal and others waited for reimbursement from 76 bank accounts were shut down by the Justice Dept. Though states like California, New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania have requested for legalisation of online poker it has not been accepted by all state representatives.


Investors of Derby Jackpot

When the firm first made its presentation to large investors in New York they loved the concept and understood the potential but were unwilling to invest due to statutory restrictions forcing the firm to look for smaller ones. After the first angel investor wired them $400,000 others soon followed suit like Bullpen Capital’s Paul Matrino, Steve Levitt of “Freakonomics” and Alexis Ohanian of Reddit. The marketing team of Derby Jackpot will be concentrating on 40 million users of Facebook that play casino games on social media and bring the experience of live horse race tracks to these players.


Increased interest in online racing

The Interstate Horseracing Act recognises that there are people across states place racing bets online and the industry earn $2 billion every year. Derby Jackpot is keen on introducing racing as an interactive betting game by setting up a partnership with 150 racetracks across the nation. It will allow people with little betting experience to place bets on horses by watching the races on streaming video online. In the last couple of years that Derby Jackpot has been online, its popularity has increased and it handles nearly $20 million annually from 200,000 registered users.

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