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Lottery Options

Your Lottery Options in the UK

Playing lottery is all about picking the right ticket and getting prized numbers in a row of course. The best and safest options to choose from are the most popular, …

Hot Lotto

Couple Wins $12 Million in Hot Lotto

  In one of those fairytale stories where an ordinary couple wins a lot of money, two people from Bethel took home $12 million thanks to the Hot Lotto Jackpot. …


Man Wins $1 Million Jackpot for the Second Time

  One jackpot wasn’t enough for Robert Hamilton, a self-described “everyday, normal man” from Indiana, USA. He went back and won himself another one. His first victory came in April …


You Hit A Jackpot! What Next

Winning a jackpot can be a thrilling experience, especially if the prize money runs into hundreds of thousands or even millions. Many people dream of winning a jackpot, but when …


NagaCorp Promises Unique Gambling Opportunities in Cambodia

  Australian gamblers who enjoy traveling to different casinos should consider planning a trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Cambodia’s most famous casino operator, NagaCorp, is currently building a casino in …

casino fights

Casino Fight Erupts; Fans Hit Jackpot

What happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas is the popular slogan. And that was never more evident when two high profile celebrities got into a very public …

MGM Grand

Stingy Slot Machine Teases $2.3M Prize

  The Lion’s Share slot machine at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas has not awarded its top jackpot in over 20 years. Now that jackpot is worth more than …

Lucky Koi Kicks Off Microgaming’s New Year of Online Slots

  Encouraged by the Far East water gardens and the Koi Carp, Microgaming has jump started the new year of online gaming with Lucky Koi, a new non-progressive video slot. …

British Fixed-Odds Roulette Machines Poised to Grow Bigger in 2014

Roulette has long been one of the most popular table games in the United Kingdom, but its appeal has been transformed by the increasing number of video roulette machines made …

Poker winnings

Play Your Cards Right

If you stop a random person on the street and ask them the first game they think of when you ask them about gambling, the majority of them will say …

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