John Howard becomes a Keno millionaire


Australian Keno, which has been known to make millionaires out of ordinary people, has again made a millionaire out of Melbourne resident John Howard. The 70 year old winner of Keno jackpot that gave him 1.4 million dollars appears to be philosophical about the win. Nicknamed as “the prime minister” John Howard stays in a caravan park at Springvale and states that he is not likely to change residence due to the million dollar win. John has lived the life of a carefree spinster till date and used to work as a tow truck driver before retirement. He presently works as a power line technician and is keen on working for another 40 years till he is in good health.


Future plans of the lucky millionaire

Though he now lives in a caravan, he is keen on settling down with a wife into a nice suburban home. He is hopeful that the publicity about the Keno win will help him find love and a mate. His long term plans include purchase of the home previously owned by his mother if he does manage to find a nice person he can trust. John Howard’s piece of saintly advice to Keno players is to play one set of numbers continuously till they get a win, as usually as soon as a person changes number combination it appears as winning numbers which can be very disappointing.


Keno in Australia

Since January this year there have been announcements of six new Keno players. While three of these Keno winners were from New South Wales area another three were from Queensland. One among these Keno winners was awarded a large jackpot of $2.3 million. Keno was launched in Australia in 1996 as a form of lottery and since then has grown in popularity across the nation as Lucky Keno which is run by South Australian Lotteries.

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