DLKW LoweWith growing participation in online lotto, which includes players from a number of countries, lotto operators are going all out to advertise their games and prizes in online media. Organizers of Geolotto have taken the assistance of DLKW Lowe to design their online lottery format to ensure that Lotto winners from every part of the country get a chance to win the jackpot. The advertising agency has an established reputation of managing campaign launches in an effective manner, and Geolotto will use this experience to market their offerings.

GeoLotto is an online gaming platform that is being supported in UK by Tipp24, which operates lotto in different countries like Spain and other parts of Europe. It has a wide database of 2.9 million customers who can use its online platform to play lotto games on the internet.


Lotto in today’s world

Lotto today has become a popular platform for people to try their luck and wager small amounts of money with a hope of winning the jackpot or reasonable sums over a period of time. Online gaming is a favorite pastime for people who tend to play for hours together. Online Lotto organizers are targeting these players and enticing them with offers of money that they can win after clearing required levels by paying minimum ticket prices.

Geolotto is an online lottery game that is venturing into United Kingdom for the second time and to make a big impression among existing players it has engaged services of DLKW Lowe to manage the campaign in a professional manner.


More about the contract

The company won this contract after a competitive bid wherein GeoLotto asked agencies to show their ability to manage a campaign of large magnitude with the firm envisioned to win in a regulated market like United Kingdom. Geolotto uses Google Maps to break up the geographical area of a country into identifiable square which are fed into the computer every week to have lotto winners from a new area with prize sum amounting to £10, 00,000.

Geolotto is owned by Tipp24, UK based company, and this is its second attempt to create a niche for itself in UK’s online gaming industry. DLKW Lowe has been commissioned to make an integrated campaign which will be launched across the nation via print and online media.


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