Playing lottery is all about picking the right ticket and getting prized numbers in a row of course. The best and safest options to choose from are the most popular, renowned and notable lotteries in function. Besides, you could also opt in for Premium Bonds that can win you a life transforming prize.

Here is a list of some of the right lotteries to bank with, they offer the highest jackpots paid out on every single draw, along with ensured weekly wins.

The National Lottery

One of the most popular lotteries in the UK, the Lotto is called out twice every week, on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Lotto players have to try and match six numbers in order from a series of digits from 1 to 49.

Apart from the main jackpot with spectacular odds of 14 million to 1, the UK Lotto offers several weekly prizes that can be earned by matching any three numbers from the list drawn and those on your ticket. In addition the lottery also offers players the option to enter a raffle that guarantees at least 50 players a chance to win an incredible £20,000.



The EuroMillions lottery can build up to a maximum of €190 million. Each play slip features a number of sections and two main number boards. The main number board featured holds figures from 1 through 50, while the second board or the ‘Lucky Stars’ section holds figures from 1 to 11. Players need to pen mark five numbers from the first or main number section and two from the lucky stars section.

The EuroMillions lottery draw is called out every Tuesday and Friday night.


The Health Lottery

This independent Great Britain lottery game was initiated with humble causes in an effort to raise funds toward health related causes. 20 pence of every pound earned through ticket sales go toward the benefit of health improvement and good causes.

The lottery holds a fixed £100,000 jackpot that is called twice every week, on Wednesday and Saturday nights.


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