Couple wins hot lottoIn one of those fairytale stories where an ordinary couple wins a lot of money, two people from Bethel took home $12 million thanks to the Hot Lotto Jackpot. The couple in question are Joe and Rhonda Meath. Rhonda works as a waitress while Joe is retired from his job operating turbines. They were expecting a quiet retirement with modest savings, but one lottery ticket changed all of that. They are now $12 million richer.

Despite winning the money, Rhonda Meath said she did not know if she would quit her waitress job. “I am not used to sitting at home doing nothing. I enjoy working a lot. Maybe we will take a few vacations in time, but I think I would like to continue here,” she said. With four kids and three grandchildren, it is likely the Meaths will be sharing this money with the other generations of their family.

Rhonda spoke about how she did not want their life to change drastically. While other couples may immediately have ideas of lavish spending, she just wanted to continue her normal life. “I hope this does not change everything. The last thing I want is for people to start treating us differently because we won this amount of money,” she said.

Her husband Joe is the one who gets credit for this winning lottery number. He has been playing the game every day for a number of years. He always had hopes of getting lucky and winning some money, but he never imagined it would be this much.

In order to win the Hot Lotto Jackpot, you have to get the first five numbers correct. In addition, you must have the right Hot Lotto number. Joe’s card had all six numbers matching with the Hot Lotto numbers for that day. He said that they still could not believe they had won all of this money. “It will take us a bit of time to understand what just happened,” he said.

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